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Plutus Protocol
Welcome to your gateway to the future of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). As pioneers in the NFT rental and lending field, we're bringing the promise of NFTs to life on the Stellar Network, allowing anyone to rent and lend their NFTs in a secure, self-managed environment.
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Rent and Enjoy
Rent and Enjoy
Tap into the excitement of accessing unique digital experiences, exclusive entries to virtual worlds, and more without owning NFTs outright. With Plutus, in-demand NFTs open the door to new possibilities.
Lend and Earn
Lend and Earn
Maximize the value of your NFT collection by lending your unused NFTs. Our platform simplifies the process for you to transform your digital assets into potential revenue streams, all in a safe, self-managed setting using advanced blockchain technology.
Explore Our NFT Collections
Explore Our NFT Collections
Browse through our NFT collections and discover new ways to monetize your digital assets. Whether it's artwork, music, virtual real estate, or more, our platform is designed to enhance the liquidity and usability of your NFTs.
Unlocking the True Potential of NFTs on Stellar Network
Seamless NFT Rentals
Rent and enjoy unique digital experiences and exclusive metaverse entries, all without needing to own NFTs outright.
Effortless Lending
Lend your unused NFTs securely and generate potential income streams.
Broad NFT Collections
Browse and engage with a diverse array of NFT collections spanning art, music, virtual real estate, and more.

Enhance YourBlockchain Experience

With our platform, you can empower your smart contracts with the ability to facilitate seamless transactions. Take a look at this code snippet to see how you can enable the smooth transfer of assets between parties.

Code Snippet
fn rent(env: Env, renter: Address, token: Address, duration: u128) { transfer_from( &env, &payment_token, &renter, leaser, price.try_into().unwrap(), ); // Authorize leaser to transfer nft to renter set_authorized(&env, &token, &leaser); // Transfer nft to the renter transfer_from(&env, &token, leaser, &renter, NFT_BALANCE); // Set authorized to false so that user cannot // transfer token unless delisted set_unauthorized(&env, &token, &renter); // Set all fields let renting: Renting = Renting { renter: renter.clone(), rent_duration: duration, rented_at: env.ledger().timestamp() as u128, }; leaser_renter.renting = renting; leaser_renter.state = LeaseState::Rented; write_lease(&env, &token, &leaser_renter); }